“Why do they hate us?”: A (growing) list of US CIA interventions since WWII

In college, I was introduced to the side of United States history that is not taught in the public school systems. And I quickly realized why it wasn’t – it was a gruesome history of 20th century conquest, promoting democracy and rights publicly, while supporting dictators and having a hand in killing thousands privately.

Since the end of World War II, the United States has meddled in the affairs of other countries repeatedly and without remorse. U.S. interests have continuously triumphed all concern for what the people in each country wanted, completely disregarding the humanitarian crimes that were committed in the process.

From supporting totalitarian governments to overthrowing democratically elected ones, the U.S. has showed no mercy in attaining their own objectives.

It was surprising to learn all of this, to say the least. It was also information that I hoped every single American citizen would be aware of, to not only give background information to present hostilities, but also the beginnings of the age old American question, “Why do they hate us?”

Why do they hate us?

While it might not be a straightforward answer, the very basics can be covered in a simple list of U.S. CIA interventions since WWII. Notice how a few countries show up on the list after every couple of years. I hope to expand on some of these, especially the ones I consider to be the most controversial, in later posts.

All countries marked with an asterisk (*) signify that the government was overthrown. Any country with years in parentheses after it signifies a declared war.

1945–1960s China
1947–1948 Italy
1947–1950s Greece
1940s & 1950s Philippines
1945–1953 Korea (1950–1953)
1949–1953 Albania
1950s Germany
1953 Iran*
1953–1954 Guatemala*
Mid-1950s Costa Rica
1956–1957 Syria*
1957–1958 Indonesia
1953–1964 British Guiana
1940s–1960s Soviet Union
1950s–1970s Italy
1950–1973 Vietnam* (1965–1975)
1955–1973 Cambodia
1957–1973 Laos
1959–1963 Haiti
1959 Tibet*
1960 Guatemala
1960s France & Algeria
1960–1963 Ecuador
1960–1964 The Congo
1961–1964 Brazil*
1960–1965 Peru
1960–1966 Dominican Republic
1959–1980s Cuba*
1965 Indonesia
1966 Ghana
1964–1970 Uruguay
1964–1973 Chile*
1964–1974 Greece
1964–1975 Bolivia
1962–1980s Guatemala
1970–1971 Costa Rica
1972–1975 Iraq
1973–1975 Australia
1970s Argentina*
1975–1980s Angola
1975–1978 Zaire (Congo)
1976–1980 Jamaica
1979–1981 Seychelles
1979-1982 Turkey*
1979–1984 Grenada
1983 Morocco
1982–1984 Lebanon
1982–1984 Suriname
1984 Iran
1981–1989 Libya
1978–1990 Nicaragua*
1969–1991 Panama
1990/1991 Bulgaria/Albania
1990–1991 Iraq
1991 Kuwait
1979–1992 Afghanistan*
1980–1994 El Salvador
1986–1994 Haiti
1992–1994 Somalia
1992–1994 Yugoslavia
1993–1995 Bosnia
1994–1996 Haiti
1995 Croatia
1996-1997 Zaire (Congo)
1997 Liberia
1998 Sudan
1998 Afghanistan
1998 Iraq
1999 Yugoslavia
2001 Macedonia
2001 Afghanistan
2003–present Iraq
2004 Haiti*
2011–present Syria*

I hope that this serves as a starting platform to look into the true historical events of the U.S. Who knows what is currently brewing with the CIA and what type of top secret “intervention” is occurring in the present. I do know that I look forward to when those CIA documents are declassified and the truth is revealed.

This list was compiled through multiple sources, including declassified CIA documents, books, and various news articles. Much of the list is from William Blum’s Killing Hope, with minor adjustments made in the years after cross checking with different online sources. If I’ve made a mistake or missed a major CIA intervention, please let me know.


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